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Copanga (C/ory and T/opanga) is is the romantic pairing of Cory Matthews andTopanga Matthews, originally the major love story from Boy Meets World, it has now evolved to include their role as devoted parents in Girl Meets World.


Season 1Edit

Girl Meets the WorldEdit

  • Cory and Topanga caught Riley sneaking out to the subway with Maya.
  • Cory and Topanga didn't let Riley ride the subway.
  • They let Riley go out with Lucas.  
  • They and Riley had a family hug.

Girl Meets RomanceEdit

  • Cory helped Topanga with Auggie's homework.
  • Topanga and Cory kiss in this episode.
  • They told Auggie to do their homework.

Girl Meets Boy Meets World CharactersEdit

  • Their friends came back.
  • They reunited with their friends.