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I can't believe you two are dating!
—Riley to Farkle and Maya

Filey (F/arkle and R/iley) is the friendship pairing of Riley Matthews and Farkle Minkus. They are good/best friends. Farkle used to like Riley but he is now dating Maya. Riley seems to be happy he and Maya are dating. Their shippers are cold Fileytors.



4 Friends making up.

Season 1Edit

Girl Meets the WorldEdit

  • Farkle was in Riley's apartment.

Girl Meets a FightEdit

  • They stopped becoming friends.
  • They later made up.
  • They became enemies in this episode.
  • They had an on-off relationship in this episode.

Girl Meets JessieEdit

  • Farkle stayed at Riley's apartment.

Girl Meets New FriendsEdit

  • Riley was suspicious of Maya and Farkle.
  • Riley seemed happy of Maya and Farkle dating.
  • Riley hugged Farkle and told him to take care of Maya.

Girl Meets Boy Meets World CharactersEdit

  • Farkle's dad and Riley's dad reunited.


  • Riley's parents and Farkle's dad went to school together.
  • Farkle's dad had a crush on Riley's mom when they were kids.
  • Farkle and Riley share several similarities with Cory and Topanga:
    • They were friends throughout childhood.
    • They share a more special relationship with their teacher than the rest of the class. 
    • They display unwavering loyalty to their friends.
    • They will do everything they can to help their friends.
    • They sit in the exact same places in their classes together, as Cory and Topanga did, the girl in the front row and the boy directly behind her.
    • Farkle tends to enter Riley's room through a window, just as Cory did with Topanga.
    • In their Shakespeare plays the boy played a spear carrier, while the girl played the female lead. 


  • They are both students at the same school.
  • They are both friends with Maya Hart and, eventually, Lucas Friar.
  • They are both the same age.
  • They both have Cory Matthews as their seventh grade history teacher.
  • Farkle and Riley are both straight A students.


  • Farkle is male, but Riley is female.
  • Farkle is openly in love with Riley, but she doesn't ever show her feelings towards him besides friendship.
  • Farkle has light-brown hair, while Riley has dark-brown hair.
  • Farkle has blue eyes, while Riley has brown.