Girl Meets Boyfriend is the thirteenth episode of Girl Meets World.

Main Plot Edit

Riley tries to make her and Lucas closer, but she realizes she can't. So, Maya locks them in a room, but when she finds out Lucas is claustrophobic, she fails opening the door, and the handle falls on the ground. When Lucas faint after a hour, Riley doesn't know what to do, and thinking he should be better with it, she kisses him. Then, when he wakes up, she reveals what she did, and he reveals her he's in love with her, and the episode closes when they kiss again.

Sub Plot Edit

Topanga and Cory try to fix Maya's laptop, but Cory makes a mistake and laptop seems like it became evil. Then Auggie reveals that was a joke, and his parents, mad at him, try to take him after he ran away.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Rowan Blanchard

Sabrina Carpenter

Peyton Meyer

Ben Savage

August Maturo

Guest Cast Edit

Jim Parsons as a professor.


  • Lucas and Riley start to date.