Girl Meets Jelousy ScriptEdit

Scene 1 Riley's house                              

Riley: Mom, can you help me with this question?

Topanga: Sorry sweetie Auggie needs me to help him clean his room.

Riley: Why can't he clean it by himself?

Topanga: Because it's a big mess, just ask your father ok, he's the teaher.

Riley: But it's goverment, and you're the lawyer.

Topanga: Later ok.

Riley Groans

Scene 1 ends/theme song

                                               Scene 2 School Classroom

Maya: Then what happend?

Riley: She told me to ask my dad but she's the lawyer not my dad.

Maya: Look Riles it's ok, my mom never helps me.

Riley: But you're used to it, my mom never said "no" to anything I do.

Maya: It's cool but did you finish your homework?

Riley: Yes except goverment because my brother had to clean his stupid toys and my mom helped.

Cory: Ok class your goverment class isn't here so give me your goverment homework.

Riley: (whispers) i'm so dead.

Riley hands Cory her homework

Cory: Um Ms. Matthews, this homework is not done, that means a 0. Why didn't you finish it?

Riley: Ask your wife.

Cory: Look Riley we got to talk about this at home later ok missy.

Riley Sighs

Scene 2 ends/commercials

                                                   Scene 3 The Park

Farkle: Maya, can you teach me to fail, i've never failed before.

Maya: Ok let's see, what do you wanna fail?

Farkle: Goverment

Maya: Ok let's do it.

Scene 3 ends

                                                     Scene 4 Riley's house

Cory: Riley, what's wrong?

Riley: Dad, mom's been spending too much time with Auggie, I mean she even helped him clean his stupid room.

Cory: Talk to your kom ok.

Riley ok

Riley Sighs

Scene 4 ends/commercials

                                                Scene 5 The matthews' house

Riley: Mom, can I talk to you for a minute please?

Topanga: Ok but make it quick I have to help Auggie with his homework.

Riley: It's something about that,  look I don't like that you've been spending too much time with Auggie and not enough with me. I mean I needed help with my homework and you didn't even care it's like i'm invisible. 

Topanga: Honey (Hugs Riley's head) you'll never be invisible now Auggie has been too attached lately and i've helped him.

Riley: I'm sorry.

Topanga: Let's make a deal, from now on let's be honest to each other.

Riley: Ok mom, I love you.

Topanga: Me too sweetie.

Riley and Topanga hug

Scene 5 ends

                                                               Scene 6 the Classroom

Maya: Ok Farkle it's time to fail.

Farkle: How?

Maya: I'm scanning your "A" into an "F"


Scene 6 ends

                                                                  Scene 7 The lunch room

Farkle: Maya thanks for helping me

Maya: It's ok, (kisses him on the cheek)

Episode ends