Girl Meets Jessie ScriptEdit

                                                            Scene 1: The subway

Riley: Man I hate this storm, it's getting big.

Maya: Come on Ril...

Subway stops

Lucas: What happend?

Riley: Not again!

Lucas: What?

Maya: Everytime there is a storm the subway stops.

Jessie: No

Riley: Um... what's wrong??

Jessie: Our house got blown down.

Riley stares sad

Scene 1 ends/theme song

Scene 2: The Subway

Riley: Wow! how did that happend.

Zuri: We don't know old lady.

Jessie: Zuri that's not nice.

Maya: Well excuse us for a minute.

Jessie: ok

Maya: Look, let them stay at your house. You let us stay for a week.

Riley: Maya look, I can't I need to ask my parents first and we're trapped in here.

Maya: Come on Riles.

Riley: Ok, would you guys like to stay with us?

Zuri/Jessie: Sure

Riley: YAY! Stares mad

Scene 2 ends/commercials

Scene 3: The Matthews House

Topanga: Were is my baby?

Door opens

Topanga: Oh baby, you're ok!

Riley: We bought new people

The rosses enter

Cory: What the...

Auggie screams

Topanga: What

Auggie L-lizard

Everyone screams

Ravi: This is Ms. Kipling.

Emma: Hi i'm Emma

Riley: Hi i'm Riley.

Emma: What look is this, we gotta give you a makeover.

Scene 3 ends

Scene 4: The Matthews House

Emma: Ok, now time for make-up

Riley: Ok... but

Emma: Now come on.

Farkle: OK Ravi now aldgebra.

Ravi: Ok now question 1

Luke: Now this is a rob-bomb.

Lucas: What is that?

Luke: Friar, we have work to do.

Topanga: Come on Auggie come out it's just a lizard!

Auggie: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Emma: May I present Fashion Riley

Riley steps out

All: Yikes

Maya: Were is goody Riley?

Riley: That is totes dead.

Everyone looks at Riley

Scene 4 ends/commercials

Scene 5 The mall

Emma: Here try these.

Riley: Ok.

Maya: Hi, where's Riley?

Zuri: Yeah

Emma: Trying on heels.

Maya: Come on lets drop the shoes

Zuri: YEAH!

Scene 5 ends

Scene 6 Auggie's Room

knock on door

Auggie: Coming! (Screams)

Topanga: Look Auggie this lizard is ok, alright.

Auggie: Ok thanks mommy.

Scene 6 ends

Scene 7 end credits/The house

Riley: Look Emma i wanna be me again.

Emma ok. smiles

Episode ends