Girl Meets Romance ScriptEdit

                                               Scene 1 The hallway of the school

Riley: Smiles at Lucas

Maya: Hey R, Riley RILEY!

Riley turns around

Riley: oh, hey

Maya: So how is it going with you and Lucas?

Riley: I don't know.

Maya: What do you mean you don't know?

Riley: We just went for pizza that's it

Maya: scoffs That is the stupidest thing i've heard.

Scene 1 ends/theme song

                                                    Scene 2 Auggie's class

Teacher: Auggie what is the anser to 3+2?

Auggie: Um...

Teacher: Mr. Matthews were you even paying attention.

Girl: It is 5 dumbo.

Teacher: Madison no insulting.

Madison : Ok.

Auggie plays with his toy dinosaur

Teacher: Now the nex...

End of scene 2/commercials

                                                 Scene 3 Riley's Room

Maya: Riley I found out a way for you to tell Lucas you like him .

Riley: Shut up!

Maya: Ok look write him a note like that he'll get the big message.

Riley: Good thanks Maya, you're a life saver.

Maya: That's what BFFs are for.

Riley: Smiles and hugs Maya

Scene 3 ends

                                          Scene 4 The kitchen

Topanga: Auggie let's do homework.

Auggie: ok mom.

Topanga: Come on.

A FEW hours later

Cory: How's it going

Topanga: Awful Auggie's a handful he dosen't pay attention.

Cory: Talk to him.

Topanga: Great idea.

Topanga: Auggie why don't you do the homework sweety?

Auggie: It's hard so I don't pay attention.

Topanga: Auggie it will be hard if you DON'T pay attention.

Auggie: You're right mommy let's do homework.

Scene 4 ends/Commercials

                                                       Scene 5 School 

Riley: Lucas

Lucas: You what?

Riley: I like your shirt.

Lucas: Thanks bye

Maya: Well.

Riley: I was so stupid I couldn't talk.

Maya: It's ok.

Scene 5 ends

                                                    Scene 6 Auggie's Class

Teacher: Auggie, what's 4+1

Auggie 5


Teacher: Good job Auggie.

Scene 6 ends

                                                                 Scene 7 Schoo/end credits

Maya: Look Riley i'm sorry ok

Riley: It's cool.

they hug episode ends