Girl Meets a New Girl is an upcoming episode of Girl Meets World.

Main PlotEdit

When a new girl (Kelli Berglund) joins the school , she falls in love with Lucas.

Transcript: Edit

Scene 1: Riley and Maya are sitting at the window:

Riley: School tomorrow.

Maya: Yeah. School tommorow

Riley: Maya, You know what that means... Don't ya?

Maya: Don't say it Riles.

Riley: L-L-LUCAS!

Maya: And.. There it is.

Riley: How about if he forgets us over the weekend?

Maya: Riley, let me explain something to you. Youre Crazy!

Riley: It could happen.

Maya: Riley, trust me. No one will forget you. How could anyone forget?

Riley: Because... Lucas.. (Sighs)

(Theme Song)

Scene 2: Farkle and Lucas are walking to history class:

Lucas: Hey Farkle. You look.. Different.

Farkle: I have decided to take up a rebilous attitude, so Maya will finally realize her feelings for me.

Lucas: How about Riley?

Farkle: Well.. I've been thinking about it, and realized, Riley can be yours. Maya can be mine.

Lucas: Whoa. Hold on there buddy. Me and Riley are friends.

Farkle: Yeah. So?

Lucas: And I think, that in the 7th grade, we should just.. Hang out with friends.

Farkle: But.. You like Riley, and Riley likes you.

Lucas: Yeah.. I mean. I don't exactly like-like Reliy, but... Well.. Maybe. But.. Wait. Does Riley.. Like me?

Farkle: Well, I thought everyone knew that.

Lucas: Oh. I guess I never thought of her that way. I mean... She is great. I m-might have feelings for her but..

Farkle: Look, Just ask her out.

Lucas: Are you kidding me? What about Mr.Mattews?

Farkle: Ok. Well... Maybe you could secretly do it. Tell me when you do. (Flips hair) I've got a Maya to impress.

Scene 3: Riley and Maya are walking to History class:

Riley: I've got news. And it's about-

Maya: Dont say it honey.

Riley: Luca-

Maya: Let me stop you right there. (Covers ears) Okay. Now you can talk.

Riley: I think he is finally starting to realize feelings for me!

Maya: (Unplugs ears) I'm sorry.. What?

Riley: Lucas.Is.Starting.To.Get.Feelings.For.Me. Yay!

Maya: And.. What makes you think that Riley?

Riley: He just said that He.Has.Feelings.For.ME! Like a minute ago!

Maya: He actually said that? Did you go to Rileytown again?

Riley: YYYYYYYYYEA!!! And I swear I didn't go to Rileytown this time.

Maya: Well okay then. *in Mr.Matthews classroom* So when are you gonna ask him out?

Riley: As-ask him out? I don't know. I mean what if he says no? What if he's moved on from m- *falls on Lucas* OMG Lucas I'm so sorry, I didn't watch where I was going! *helps him up*

Lucas: It's okay Riley. *gazes into her eyes*

Riley: *gazes into his eyes*

Maya: *mouthes* Ask him out.

*Bell rings and everybody takes a seat*

Maya: Oh, come on!

Cory: So today we have a new student-

Zoey: Um.. I'm HERE!

Cory: So this is Zoey, why don't you introduce more about yourself?

Zoey: Well my dad owns 3 mansions and I was the QU€€N of my last school, also who's that sexy prince over there?

Cory: That would be Lucas Friar.

Zoey: Am I in heaven?

Riley: Wait, is she trying to take-


Lucas: I do?

Farkle: So you asked her out already?

Maya: Farkle..why do you so much more attractive than you actually are?

Zoey: Wait- who's his girlfriend?

Maya: Riley Matthews. *points to Riley Riley Hi um Lucas date Cory Noooooooooo LUCAS Zoey Her she is so ugly she is wearing a pink striped dress with a blue legging and brown boots and I am wearing a cheetah print mini dress ,pink sweater ,and black heels.