Jacob and Riley are best friends and roommates.


Jacob is best friends and roommates with Riley while Jacob lives with her family and every since then Jacob and Riley have became best friends. Jacob mostly sits in the living room while Maya is in Riley's bedroom though Maya rather have her 19 year old brother with her. Riley lands Jacob a job at her school since he graduated from high school but he finds it weird working at her school since people might be thinking he has feelings for her but he looks at the new girl Jill and explains he has a crush on her because she is his age and is the cousin of Farkle and is only there to visit him. Riley tries to help him with Daphne but it backfires on both of them but Jill realizes Jacob really likes her and they start dating. Riley begins to think Jacob doesn't want her around now that him and Jill are dating. Jacob and Riley later become brother and sister when her parents have the custody papers for him and therefore changing his last name to Matthews though this upsets Maya and Jacob told Maya that it doesn't matter if his last name is Matthews she will always be his little sister.

Other namesEdit

Racob (R/liey and J/acob)