You can call me Lucas. You wanna know what I am? I'm as strong as a horse. I don't know how. I just am.
—Lucas in "Girl Meets High School (Part 1)"

Lucas Friar is the tritagonist in Girl Meets World. Lucas is Riley's main love interest on the show. He is originally from Austin, Texas. He is portrayed by Peyton Meyer.


Riley Matthews

After falling into his lap on the subway they immediately fell for each other but didn't go on an actual date until later on Season 1 on Girl Meets First Date. Both Riley and himself have been seen as the jealous type (Missy flirting with Lucas; Charlie and Evan flirting with Riley) But his feelings for her have always remained strong and vise versa. He was even nervous when asking Cory's permission to take her out on a date. When asking her to be his girlfriend he didn't even get two words in without her saying yes every two seconds. They decided after trying to be boyfriend and girlfriend that they were better off as friends. They stayed this way until the Girl Meets Texas trilogy when it is revealed Maya may have feelings for Lucas. Riley steps back for Maya and tells Lucas she sees him as a brother. Farkle finds out what Riley is doing and tells everyone at midnight on New Years, starting the triangle. Throughout the rest of season 2 and part of season 3 the three are trying to figure out how to handle the triangle without anyone getting hurt. In the Girl Meets Ski Lodge trilogy it is revealed that Maya never truly liked Lucas because she had turned into Riley. She tells him to go to Riley and he does. After an intimate conversation the two start dating and continue to date for the rest of the season.