Mom, I am jealous of you and Auggie because, he always has you to himself... and never me.
—Riley telling her jealousy.
Hon, I will always be here for you. I love you sweety. Not more or less than Auggie.

Ropanga (R/iley and T/opanga) is the pairing of Riley and Topanga Matthews.


Season 1Edit

In Girl Meets Jelousy, Riley was jealous of Auggie hogging Topanga to himself since she didn't help her with court homework. Riley got her first F, because of it. So Cory told Riley to talk to Topanga and tell her her feelings. So Riley did it, she told Topanga she felt left out because of Auggie so Topanga hugged her and told her she will always be there for Riley.



  • They are both females
  • They have long brown hair.
  • In Boy Meets World, Topanga began as an odd girl and in Girl Meets World, Riley began as an odd girl too.
  • They are both devoted to friends and family.
  • Topanga and Riley both are smart and try/tried their best in school.
  • They tend to use "How ya doin'?" as an informal greeting.


  • Topanga has green eyes, and her daughter has brown.
  • Riley is prone to self-doubt, Topanga generally knew her own mind.
  • Riley does not seem to have Topanga's competitive streak.
  • Riley apparently lacks Topanga's ability to focus on things.