Season 2 of Girl Meets World was announced on November 4, 2014. The season will premiere June 5, 2015. Production began November 20, 2014.


1. Girl Meets Gravity Rushes
2. Girl Meets The New World Rushes
3. Girl Meets The Secret Of Life Rushes
4. Girl Meets Pluto Rushes
5. Girl Meets Mr. Squirells Rushes
6. Girl Meets Tell-Tale-Tot Rushes
7. Girl Meets Rules Rushes
8. Girl Meets Hurricane Rushes
9. Girl Meets Rules Rushes
10. Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington Rushes
11.  Girl Meets the New Teacher Rushes
12. Girl Meets Fish Rushes
13. Girl Meets Yearbook Rushes
14. Girl Meets Semi-Formal Rushes
15. Girl Meets Creativity Rushes
16. Girl Meets Farkle Rushes
17. Girl Meets Cory and Topanga Rushes
18. Girl Meets Rileytown Rushes
19-20. Girl Meets World of Terror 2 Rushes
21. Girl Meets Rah Rah Rushes
22. Girl Meets Texas: Part 1 Rushes
23. Girl Meets Texas: Part 2 Rushes
24. Girl Meets Texas : Part 3 Rushes
25. Girl Meets The Forgiveness project Rushes
26. Girl Meets Belief Rushes
27. Girl Meets the New Year Rushes
28. Girl Meets STEM Rushes
29. Girl Meets Money  Rushes


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

  • Amir Mitchell Townes as Zay Babineaux
  • Cheryl Texiera as Katy Hart
  • Lee Noris as Stewart Minkus
  • Aisha Kabia as Ms. Kossal
  • Sarah Carpentar as Sarah


  • Olivia Holt and Piper Curda who are co-stars on another Disney Channel series I didn't do it are both appearing as recurring characters this season.
  • The kids start their 8th grade year this season.
  • New characters Samantha Friar, Zay Babineaux and Avery Jennings will be introduced.